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Hidly P3 LED Taxi Roof Signs

  • Product item:Taxi-Roof-Signs-P3-128-320-RGB
  • Price:$2000.00
  • Pitch:3mm
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 Main features of Hidly Taxi Roof Signs:
Compare to traditional taxi top light box, LED Taxi Roof Signs is programmable with software, so it could show colorful images, vividly animations as well as appealing texts.
2.Optional pixels and 3 in 1 SMD led
LED Taxi Roof Signs has P3, P5 and P6 three optional pixels for clients to choose. All three pixels use up to date 3 in 1 SMD LED.
Because the viewing angles of both horizontal and vertical are 140 degree, it brings the best viewing results for viewers.
3.High brightness
For LED Taxi Roof Signs, we have 2 kinds of brightness for user to choose. One is 3000 nits and the other is 5000+ nits. The former is enough for daily
 use because the viewing distance of taxi top led display is close in normal times. But if the sunlight is very strong or the sunlight period is long in usage area, we can use 5000+ nits type.
4.3G wireless control card
 LED Taxi Roof Signs use 3G wireless control card. The user could remote control each display wherever have 3G network. At the same time, one control PC could manager various led displays as groups or separately.
5.GPS and geo-targeting function
By adding a GPS module in control card, the user could locate the LED Taxi Roof Signs. Besides, the user could check the taxi display is power on or power off in control center.

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